Black Friday is the Day to Buy


Black Friday is the Day to Buy


Black Friday (November 18) has really evolved into a mega sales day. Many retailers, online and off, have been expanding it to be the lead up week to Christmas, some save their early bird or biggest discounts for preferred clients. Often it does not take much to be in that category; just being on their e-mail list will do it.


Don’t confuse it with Cyber Monday, which is the online version of Black Friday. Black Friday was originally for in-store sales with huge bargains. Cyber Monday, born in 2005, was designed by online marketers to emulate Black Friday online. With most stores now being both brick and mortar while also having a thriving online store a blend has happened making it for many a 4 day super sales event, with some retailers working it for the whole week.


For the future you, this being an annual event, you might want to give yourself a reminder note 4 months out. Then you can start planning for purchases, things you need but can differ purchase for a few months. Or the other way, items you are planning to buy a few months later, say in the New Year, but for a good enough deal you could buy it early.


Be careful of the frenzy and the flash. The Frenzy is when you start looking, get hyped by the language and the deal, forgetting that you might not really need that item. The Flash is when the power of the words, draw of the ad design distracts you from the obvious; it’s not really that great of a deal.


So, how do you find the deals? Google is great but it really helps if you have an idea what you want. For example, entering Black Friday 2014 gets you the whole bag. Black Friday 2014 photography gives you a better niche slice. You should go past the 2-page lookup though. A lot of the deals will be in niche companies that don’t have the traffic to come up very high on search engines. Going deep into the search pages will bring up the interesting non-mainstream stuff.


You can also refine the search with the stuff you are looking for. Search for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

So how good are these deals? I have seen 90% off offers. Usually 30 to 35% is the starting point. If it’s only 10 or 15%, it’s not really a big deal. The retailer is just chugging out a regular sales item then wrapping it in the Black Friday Hype. You will see some of the biggest savings on digital media and digital training.


You could use this in your biz tool. It is a great search engine hit. You can move frames or something else. Have the future you schedule time to plan for it. You need a bigger lead-time than a week or two. If you do it right, there is a huge windfall to be made.


There are several sites that are very active, their writers searching daily for new offers to come online with. Christine does this on her blog, or Picture Correct’s blog


Here are some of the links I have found interesting.

From photography Spark a list of over 60 great deals

From Picture Correct’s blog


If you are looking for music licenses Triple Scoop has a great two for one deal, essentially 50% off.


Some of the retailers don’t have their Black Friday deals offered on their websites, some work with contests, like Black Rapid Straps,

So try this: type in the company or product you are looking for, add in “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” to see what comes up.

Don’t forget to check out your local camera stores, like Vistek or TheCameraStore

Some of the software I use, like Macphun have great deals. There is also Topaz, which offers 50% off with this code: blackfriday2014 when you check out. This for their whole suite of programs.


Corel Painter 2015 has $110 off at


If you want a visual hit of Black Friday choices try Pinterest


You will find so many deals your head is likely to swim. I think you will find more hype, sharper specials than even Christmas delivers. Have a great time shopping.


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