Finding Mark’s gallery on is an exciting artist gallery site. It is a community of artists, very diverse and of vastly different skill levels, all with a passion for art. It is also free to join.

Mark has a gallery there under the name Photogmark. He puts up a new image nearly every day or two, usually with some art work done to it. You can go to the gallery any time, browse through past images, make comments, and even assign a score to the image.

When comments and scores are made, it indicates the popularity and appreciation of the images. Thrillingly, many of Mark’s images wind up on top 50 sites. He would be delighted to read a comment from you.

To find Mark’s Renderosity page, follow these instructions:

Go to and signed up for free. Once in, go to your gallery page, and click on gallery options. In the list of options you will find an option filter of  “images with nudity”, uncheck that, then paste in this address in your browser:

This should take you to Mark’s gallery. Once there you will see just above the thumbnails a line that says “add Photogmark to your favorite artists.” Click on that if you would like notices of when Mark puts up his newest images. You can reverse this at any time.

Then just enjoy the images; you can save them as favourites, and make comments, which the models all enjoy. With a few exceptions like the Italy images, Mark’s images are from his every day clients’ work.