Be a Gunslinger Photographer


Be a Gunslinger Photographer

There is little like shooting two cameras from the hip. It is a blast. Luckily, there is a place to have two cameras with you. So it might be worth considering becoming a gunfighter; bring two guns to the game.

 There is really three times you need to have two cameras with you. They don’t need to be the same body or the same quality.

 When you are in a really bad environment. Here I mean bad in that switching lenses is dangerous for your sensor. Windy, dusty, rainy, misty or cold and snowy, all will wreak havoc with your camera’s interior if you remove the lens. Yet often in those situations you want the range that two different lenses can give. So you bring along the second.

 When the action is fast there will not be time to change lenses. That minute or two could cost you the most amazing image of the day. You are focused on the action, the camera’s are and extension or your need. You want to pull it up as you think of it. You pick your lenses in advance to get the full coverage of the rapidly changing moments. So you holster two cameras.

047 blackrapid double

 The last is when the shoot is so critical, such a unique, rich one of moment sessions. You cannot risk your only camera going down. You want the backup camera ready to go, with in reach, if there is a hiccup with your main camera. So, you bring the second, lens mounted, body that will save your hide if worst case pops up.

 Luckily there is an amazing range of solutions for carrying two cameras. BlackRapid  started with a handy body strap. They now have the Double, letting two bodies dangle at your hips. Spiderholster  embraced the gunfighter design with a gun belt design. They have been perfecting it and yes you can have the twin holster quick draws. Just get a Clint Eastwood cigar with to be good to go.

 I just played with the Spiderholster, gotta have one of those, they are fast and solid.

 Another way to use them is to have one on a monopod or tripod. The other in your hand for roving, getting not just the advantage of two cameras but also two different approaches. You can even get a wireless remote for the tripod camera, making nearly two photographers.

 It does not need to be a big gig either, like fast paced sports event. Photographing kids on the go or a wedding will make you a happy dual gun shooter. On the beach or in the rain, you will get that shot.

 Plus, you will look a little bad ass as you do it.

047 Spiderholster double

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