Be a Puppet Master Head Poser


Be a Puppet Master Head Poser

Isn’t it a drag when you are twenty feet back and her head pose is just not right? Not being a model that precise placement as you describe it to her eludes her. You put your camera down, take a hike, manually place, hike back only to find the mood, the moment has evaporated?

And it eats up time, precious time.

Here is the solution, become a puppet master. Wordless remote control posing, this is how to do it.

Start buy holding your hands up, palms facing in, about a head size apart. Tell them “this is their head”. They see the three dimensional orientation. Tell them to mimic your hand movement. Tilt it down, up, turn it; stopping when you have the head placed perfectly. You will find that this gives you amazing precision in head placement.


For kids, it becomes a game most love, especially if you tell them something like you are the puppet master and they are the puppets. (You have to do that with the appropriate dramatic voice to engage them!)

Once your subject gets the hang of the two-hand control, turn the palm of one hand towards them. Move it into the space between the two hands, take the other hand away. The mind instantly gets it. Now tilt and turn your hand. The mind will turn this flat hand into the 3d spatial concept of the two hands. Giving you equally effective head control as the two hands but with one now free to shoot with.

You will never lose the moment again.

They will quickly adapt to responding to your hand position. Simply bringing up and tilting your hand or moving it down a little will move their head. You are the Puppet Master!


You can do this to tweak shoulder placement. I put my hand horizontal to represent the shoulders, which controls the torso position as well. Once you get the control of communicating this it is amazing how quickly and precisely your subject will replicate the movement.

Works for feet and legs too. Dangle your arm down to represent the leg, the hand becomes the foot, twitch the hand; watch their feet move into place.

You will be the Full Body Puppet Master!


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