Habits Make You Lucky

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Wine splashed over the open ports on my new MacBook Pro, seeping inside. The friendly glow of the apple on the surface top blinked out. The hard drive was full of downloaded images from the airshow shoot and a butterfly excursion. Both holding images for planned limited edition fine art prints.

My habit was to never erase a memory card until we have images stored in two places. Luckily, they remained unformatted. So while I will find out the fate of the images on the hard drive after a tech looks at it, I still have the raw images to work on.

Lucky me.

Take a look at your processes. What habits do you have that will give you a lucky save?

More importantly, what habits do you have that will make you unlucky?

For example, you might have the habit of changing your camera settings to changing situations, but then not setting them back to a default setup. So when you pick up your camera for a fast shot, you have to check everything before you snap, or risk it all being off. You might be unlucky, missing the shot.

There are habits in your sales, in your session preparation, in your timing to ask or have signed model releases. If you charge, there’s habits to the timing of your invoicing. Even habits in how you approach your creativity.

Habits. They can make you very lucky.

But you may need to break a few.

That is not going to be easy, as old habits are tough to change and relapse is easy. Yet your abilities – your good fortune – will grow at a surprising rate.

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