Live Posing Demonstrations at the Sex Show


Live Posing Demonstrations at the Sex Show

Ok, just to be clear, we are not posing for sex or Karma Sutra poses, we are just doing live posing demonstrations at our booth at the Sex show. Don’t want to mislead anyone.

For the next 4 days we will be doing on stage demonstrations at our 400 sq foot booth at the Calgary Taboo show. Not only will you be able to see how I get the models to position their limbs, get the smiles and so on. You will be able to hear how I give the directions, select lenses and point of view for the shots.

I will also be explaining things like control arms. This references the arm that is positioned to help hide an issue or concern. In the sample images here you can see long blonde haired Bre sitting down with one leg up. Her arm towards the camera is the control arm. By adjusting it I can hide tummy issues.


You can see how lens selection changes the length of a subjects legs in the images with Brandy sitting on the edge of the stage. A wide-angle lens, with the legs going out to the corners “pulls” the legs out, making them both leaner and longer.

Because we are at a show with little option on light placement I will be talking about the poses become more striking with side light. The bum shots where the light would come in more from the side would be an example of this.

With Brandy in the red top you can see how a twist at the waist towards the camera gives her this amazing V shaped body. Now she is fit but this works for anyone.

Say Hi if you make it down. I can also answer any questions you might have after the demonstrations.






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