Revealing Venus – Italy

An Inspirational Retreat for Photographers

Revealing Venus Italy nude photography workshop
Revealing Venus – Italy is a workshop styled as a retreat to a magical place where the light delicately sweeps over your nude subjects. Adding to this incredibly rich landscape with historic settings are stunning Italian models. Each day a new place, our guides have sourced out places tourists could not access with models, while we will have the run of it. You will enjoy a low ratio of model/photographer being able to do one on one as well as small groups. It’s a highly creative time to energize your imagery.

Revealing Venus – Italy Workshop

May 25, 2016:  7 days – 6 nights

$4300 per photographer – private room

$6850 per photographer & partner

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This is an unusual twist on a workshop. First it has the sweet light of Italy – a light that needs to be experienced, like Italy, to be truly appreciated. Add in such incredibly historic settings, one different each day (last time they shut a whole castle down to give photographers with nude models the run of the place). Then top it off with breathtaking, talented Italian models doing nude, lingerie, or fashion.You will have access to Mark and his inspiration, years at the top of his craft, advice and direction if you like. But it’s not setup with x hours of instruction followed by controlled setups to work in. It’s all about taking images from the start.

We have low model ratios and eager models. Sometimes there will be a couple of photographers working with one model, or the group working with the group of models, and other times it will be one-on-one.

We have our guide, Max, chauffeuring us around to these rare locations. You will have two different sets of models during the event.

It wraps up each night with a meal created just for us as we relax, review images, swap stories, or plan the next day’s shoot.

In the middle of the week we have a tourist day. Our guides take us deep into the Italy experience.

You will get model releases from all of the models.

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Nearly everything is included in your Registration Investment. They are:

  1. Pickup and drop off at the airport. We do this as a group at a pre-arranged time.
  2. All lodging.
  3. Breakfasts, suppers with wine. We have our own chef with us.
  4. In country transportation. For the photographers to and from the locations, for the guests to and from the tour locations. It’s a comfy tour van.
  5. Models with signed release forms for portfolio, social media, website and print competition use. We have two sets of models: a set for the first two days and a set for the last two days.

Not included is airfare to the pickup point, lunches, and adult beverages.

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Each day we pretty much go to a new location with the models, while the tour group will go to places of interest.

Day 1 – Orientation, meeting models

Day 2 – Early breakfast, leave for location with models, return in evening for supper and relax

Day 3 – Early breakfast, leave for new location with models, return in evening for supper.

Day 4 – Tourist day both groups head out with our guides to explore Tuscany, Italy.

Day 5 –  Early breakfast, leave for new location with new set of models, return in evening for supper.

Day 6 – Early breakfast, leave for new location with models, return in evening for supper.

Day 7 – Breakfast and pack up for travel to airport or planned drop off.

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Tuscany models & students 2011

We have a maximum size of 12 photographers and 12 tour guests, their partners.

The important thing is the small ratio of model to photographer, along with how we organize it. You will get time for some one-on-one with the models. We also work in small groups, with each photographer taking a unique location to shoot the model.

It’s very laid back. We have being doing this since 2008 and have found the photographers that join us are all very easy going and not model hogs.


A desire to break out of the norm to experience a rare approach to a workshop, enjoy photographing, or want to photograph stunning models in a rare light.

You should have some knowledge of how to work your camera, available light experience, and some posing experience.

You should enjoy rich wine tasting and the pleasure of Italian food.


Tour 2934477We understand that it’s hard to leave someone special behind when you are going to Tuscany, Italy. So you should bring them along. We have created a special rate and a whole tour Italy program just for them. Each morning the photographers’ head of with the models and the guests head off for their adventure.

At night we can share stories around the table.

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