Christian Eagle Ornament 1

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Finding something that moves you or touches you deeply is a treasure. Finding that it’s a great investment is a wonderful bonus. Once on your wall, this image will enrich your life daily. As great as this image looks here, it’s even more evocative in your hands.
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I was helping a friend photograph this plane for an airshow poster. Once we set it up, I slipped off to the side, into the shadows, while he photographed it. A short gentleman appeared beside, watching too. I mentioned it’s amazing to shoot a nude model on the plane. He replied, “You should do it!”

“Really,” I asked, “who would let me put a woman on their plane.”

“I would, it’s mine. Want to do it?”

I did, and we did the next night.

It was 11pm on a cool June night. We had to wait until it was very dark since to get back far enough to shoot the plane, we had to open the hanger doors and be outside. The lone light source was a very powerful incandescent sitting inside a oil drum barrel, then hoisted up to the rafters. This is shot on film, 400 iso with very slow shutter speed. Denise had to hold her breath for each shot. The faint light in the cockpit is manually fired by a small assistant squeezed into the floor space so he can’t be seen.

Some Photoshop magic from the scanned image gives us this image.

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