Pushing Two Extremes.

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Pushing Two Extremes.

 I was going to call this  “If You Step Off the Cliff – – – Will You Fly?

 Both work for my insights today. Besides creating images for some amazing clients, I enjoy pushing my skill levels. This time my two extremes came along at the same time. Both are self-projects; I am the client.

 That is what a good self project or shoot does to you. It’s not just shooting someone or something that is not paying you, although those can be fun too, it’s about doing it for a purpose.

 It’s about following a whim, challenging your self, daring your self out of your comfort zone. Being bold enough that you might just fail. I have to tell you, I fail a lot.


 For me, fail that is not quite the right word, or even point of view. You are learning, pushing and developing your skills. So, like when you started riding a bike, you might fall down a lot. Eventually you get it right. Then you might have moved on to doing advanced bike tricks.


We just did a full on Body Paint Jam. We have been doing Jams for a bit now, bring in some of my clients as models, pair them with talented body painters then photograph the results. It’s been a blast.

 But for this Jam we wanted to challenge the artists and ourselves. In addition, I wanted more practice at gathering a quality team then guiding them. Melding their art together while guiding them to a purpose.

 Like a whirlwind it came together; 6 painters with 6 client models, hairdresser and a movie team. I added an element of real flowers for the artists to blend into their art. That brought in a Florist.  The bodies totaled 18 people in my studio. Plus we had to have room for the movie gear- cranes, multiple tripods, sliders all working around my sets and lights while the creative created.


 I emptied my studio of props as well as unneeded gear. So glad it didn’t rain or snow!

 That project was guiding and creating in mayhem while collaborating with diverse creative. It was incredible, such energy. No drama, no ego; just a lot of creative collaboration. WOW, so happy it turned out that way.

 On the other hand, I am working on earning my Jewelry Accreditation. This is the other extreme.

A101_Mark_Laurie_41_002_10_15 copy

 Working quietly alone, for the most part. It’s tiny, close up, finicky work that demands unusual lighting control with in tight lens work. No interaction or feedback until the judges, well, pass judgment. The next collection of images for the Jewelry accreditation goes out in a few weeks.

 Neither of these projects reflects a new business direction. I don’t see a switch into commercial jewelry shoots or the running of events. These were taken on to grow as a photographer. The skills learned will work their way into the fabric of the art I create for clients.  Some unexpected doors have already opened.


 Both are exciting in different ways, both are challenging and rewarding. When you take on these self-created projects they break up your routine, your interactions. New connections are made, you get different perspectives; you grow. I love that.

 For me, it’s exhilarating to step off the cliff, to see if I can fly this time.


 Next up is to revisit photography nudes with fire and underwater work.

 Try your wings out some time. You will enjoy the surprises.


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