What To Do With Those Feet!


What To Do With Those Feet!

Even when they are not in the photo, the feet placement impacts the image. It’s the first sign of awkwardness in your subject. So here are some steps to improve your posing.

The feet ground your subject, it gives them confidence.

Like hands, the position of feet and the legs, have both a feminine and masculine stance. They can convey grace, power and more.

For a graceful feminine pose, place the far foot at a 45-degree angle to the camera, her body is in the same line. The foot facing the camera is moved so the toe slides back to the other foot’s arch. Raise the heel and bend the knee. Have them shift their weight to the far leg. This takes the weight off the decorative leg, which now has a wonderful S shaped curve.

This basic leg/foot position can be used a lot of places. She can be laying on her back, with the legs up on the wall. She can be sitting on a bench or chair or swing. It always looks graceful.


For doing bum or back shots, place the feet shoulder width or just a little wider apart. Have her go up on her toes and arch her bum. She can also entwine her feet and go up on her toes. This pose makes her legs look long and graceful.

For guys, usually a look of power and confidence works best. Facing the camera, have the feet about shoulder width apart. A more relaxed pose is to have him leaning against the wall. The leg away from the light is straight. The other has the toe on point by the arch of the foot. The leg is turned out and bent. The thumbs hook into the belt hoops or pockets and he turns his face into the light for some drama.

Now some general rules of thumb: have at least one foot aimed in the same direction of the body. Have the leg facing towards the camera be the decorative leg. It will express a mood of the moment. If you have the feet feeling awkward, the subject will feel that way too, even if the feet are not in your image.

This is just the start of how posing feet will dramatically improve your images. It’s an easy way to walk your way to better images.



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