Where to cut their limbs off at. Hint: It’s not at the kneecaps.

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Where to cut their limbs off at. Hint: It’s not at the kneecaps.

Where do you cut the limbs off at? It is a cropping concern. You have to balance composition with limb cutting. After all, you can’t get in closer to your subject without cutting something off.

You do need to be aware of where you are cutting what off though. The wrong place leaves your photograph not working or feeling right, even if all the composition guidelines are met, the lighting is drenched in mood while subject just exudes personality.

It just feels wrong somehow.

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Look closely, you will usually find the their limbs have been sliced out of the photo in an unsettling way.

The best place to crop limbs is very old knowledge; painters learned it long ago. Although they did not so much as cut or crop limbs as they decided which parts would exist out side of the canvas, learning the most effective points for that to happen.

Even the head has a best crop zone

4338D-0042DD-diane face blonde

So here is a cool cheat sheet for you. No matter where the limbs are, the marker lines work for you. If you want to make a disturbing photograph, then intentionally crop at those awkward points. Before you break any rule, master the rule first.

The green is the good locations; the reds are the bad ones.

Watch how your photographs instantly improve when you cut their limbs of at just right place.


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