Workshops, Seminars & Tools

Photography workshops, seminars and tools, with a focus on nude, boudoir, and glamour female portrait photography


Actually working the lights, your camera and posing the model, there is no better way to learn this craft than getting in there and doing it.

Unless it’s getting in there under the guidance and training of a Master Photographer.

Mark likes to work with small groups, showing you the technique then letting you try your hand at it.

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Working with a combination of live posing and lighting demonstrations, slide presentations, and questions, Mark teaches you the nuances of his craft. He brings the art of photographer alive in a way that makes sense, combining humor with his tricks, techniques, and insights.

See our Seminar dates here or call us at 403-252-2662.


For some there is nothing better than a one-on-one time with a Mentor.

You can have Mark work with you on any specific area you want to strengthen. He has a great process that tailor-makes itself for your needs, along with a unique and convenient payment plan. You can book him for a day or a half day to go intensely into your training needs, or access him over a longer period of time as you fine-tune your skills.

Mark can work with lighting, marketing, posing, business, studio setups, print critique, and the all important sales.

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Sometimes it’s quicker to take something off the shelf. We have texture files, a lighting DVD, and more.